UN Global Goals

The world faces many serious challenges. The UN has compiled these into 17 goals: The Global Goals for Sustainable Development. These goals provides a comprehensive approach for governments, companies, organizations and individuals around the world to solve the problems.

At Tvilum, we have reviewed our opportunities to help making the world more sustainable. That is why we have selected two primary goals where we have our main focus, by making us and our consumers act more sustainably globally.


We produce furniture, and thus affect both the climate, the environment and the surrounding communities. In all our actions, we are constantly trying to become more sustainable. This is reflected, for example, in a very high degree of use of certified, and to some extent recycled, raw materials, optimization of waste streams from production and phasing out of unsustainable materials.

Our large production has a negative impact on the climate. That is why we are putting a lot of efforts into reducing our CO2 impact. We reduce our energy consumption continuously in our production and we pack all our products in flat and compact boxes, which allow us to optimize transportation. In the coming years, we plan to provide all the necessary data to be able to improve even more on our climate impact.