Responsible workplace


The safety and health of our employees is a natural focus for us. This becomes even more important as our production includes large machines and manual processes. 

We have developed a comprehensive organization of work environment groups in all departments, and these are both very dynamic and proactive when it comes to mitigating possible risks and suggesting improvements based on new processes and new technologies. Besides of the physical safety, we also have a strong focus on mental health, stress, and a positive working culture.



Although we have many machines and robots in the production, there are still many people employed in our factories and distribution centers. When we focus on competence development of our employees, it is first and foremost the safety of our employees we focus on. That is why we carry out a lot of peer training of employees every year, so that everyone is trained to operate the machines they work with. In addition this results in a higher product quality and less reworks.

Moreover, we have programs for competence building of talents and leadership in the company.


With more than 800 employees globally, we are very aware that diversity strengthens our organization. In all parts of our organization, we focus on the fact that diversity helps to make us stronger and more innovative. It is important whether it concerns gender, ethnicity, or social background.