Important information to new employees and temps

Welcome to Tvilum. We are looking forward for you to start as new employee or temporary help by us. Before you start it is important, that you have seen, read and understood below information. We expect, that you are able to answer potential control questions.

Are you a temporary worker? 

Then it is important, that you confirm that you have seen, read and understood below to your contact person/ temp agency.

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Tvilum West:
Erhvervsparken, 8882 Fårvang
Tvilum Vest - Maskiner
Tvilum Vest - Pakkeri

Tvilum East:
Egon Kristiansens Allé 2, 8882 Fårvang
Tvilum Øst - Maskiner og Pakkeri

Tvilum Warehouse FFA/RFA:
Erhvervsparken, 8882 Fårvang
Lagre FFA/ RFA

Tvilum Warehouse FDC:
Erhvervsparken 65, 8882 Fårvang
Lagre FDC

Tvilum Fårvang Service:
Erhvervsparken, 8882 Fårvang

Tvilum Kjellerup:
Fabriksvej 4, 8620 Kjellerup
Kjellerup - Maskiner og Pakkeri