Market Presence

We want to help ensuring that functional and sustainable furniture is available to most consumers, and we can do our part by making sure that our furniture can be purchased in as many places as possible. You can already buy Tvilum furniture in large parts of the world, but we are not done yet. That is why we are continuously expanding our sales network both locally, regionally, and internationally. We also have a strong focus on online sales through e-commerce, which allows us to reach even more consumers.



Buying sustainable product should not be a luxury that only the few can afford. The majority must have the opportunity to buy sustainable furniture. So, we work every day to make our furniture affordable for as many people as possible. This applies not only in rich industrialized countries, but also in some of the developing countries.


Awareness on sustainability

The more you know, the better choices you can make. Therefore we want to use our products, and the platform we have created, to communicate and to guide our customers and end-consumers, about sustainability. Of course, in the fields we know best: Namely furniture and packaging

We are constantly trying to get in touch with more and more people around the world to show what we can each do to become more sustainable in our daily lives.

Product safety

At the top of our priority list is the safety of our customers.

We are constantly updated on the requirements and test methods that are relevant to our products. In the development phase, all products undergo a process in which the ability to comply with our minimum requirements is assessed using calculations, simulations and tests. Special requirements arising from local laws or the specific needs of customers are assessed in the same embrace. 

We have our own test center, where we are able to perform mechanical tests according to the most common test methods that are relevant to our range. For special tests, or tests where there may be doubts about the outcome, we work with several accredited test laboratories in Europe, US and China.